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ALICE CHASE is a recognized digital strategist and consultant known for relationship growth and community building both online and offline. Utilizing her extensive business marketing background, you’ll find her frequently collaborating on projects concerning strategic social media campaigns in the automotive industry, travel destinations, volunteer outreach, and small business. Often referred to as a “connector” by the brands she works with, she is extremely passionate about sharing techniques of solid collaboration and social platforms to build and strengthen connected communities.

She also shares her own story through her lifestyle site 

5 questions with Alice:

  • What's your travel goal for 2018?  To photograph hot lava in person. Until now, the closest I've gotten is jumping from sofa to ottoman in my living room and trying my best not to touch the floor.

  • What Disney character would you be and why? Mulan. Her story exemplifies bravery, loyalty, and leadership.

  • What sparked your interest in cars?  I was basically born with it in my DNA. Restoration and recovery was our family business for generations. My first job was prepping cars for the paint booth. It was there that I learned the true value and frustration of being meticulous. 

  • What's your favorite city? This is an easy one. Austin. I didn't grow up there but after living there for a number of years, Austin will always feel like coming "home" to me. It's also the city where Kristin and I first met.  

  • Describe the color yellow. Yellow is stepping outside on a spring day and feeling the warmth of the sun on your face. It's the taste of banana pudding served in the south. 



“Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost.”
― Author Erol Ozan