Ford Driving Skills for Life Teaches Teens Good Driving Habits

by Kristin Shaw

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Bring your teen to a no-cost Ford clinic to help them learn critical driving skills

I remember taking Drivers' Education class in the summer of 1986, a few months before I turned 16. I could NOT WAIT to drive and looked forward to class every time. My high school had a fleet of Ford Tempos in the parking lot, and we were taught the basic skills we needed to know how to drive. 

What I didn't learn was how to handle distracted driving and how to be a good defensive driver. These skills were sometimes learned the hard way, and to be honest, there were definitely near-misses when I was messing around with the radio or spinning on the snow-covered roads in Indiana. The more instruction, the better driver I could have been then. So I was excited to hear about Ford's driving program just for teenagers, and when my son is ready to drive (thank heaven that's not for a few more years) I will definitely enroll him in one of these classes. 

The Ford Driving Skills for Life advanced driver training program for teens and young adults is a no-cost, half-day clinic that provides skills beyond those taught in traditional driver education courses and is an important step in the life-long process of learning to drive safely.

Teens will drive vehicles on a closed course under the supervision of professional instructors, improving their skills in these key areas:   

  1. Hazard Recognition
  2. Vehicle Handling
  3. Space Management
  4. Speed Management
  5. Reaction Time
  6. Braking and Stopping Distances
  7. Avoiding the Dangers of Distracted and Impaired Driving


March 10-11: Dallas, Texas - Registration OPEN

April 28-29: Richmond, Virginia - Registration will open soon

June - July: Summer Tour: Des Moines, Iowa; Chicago, Illinois; Louisville, Kentucky; and Columbus, Ohio.

September: Boston, Massachusetts

October: Nashville, Tennessee and Sacramento, California

November: Phoenix, Arizona - Registration will open in September  

Schedule is subject to change*

Participants must have a drivers permit or license. This is a free program provided by Ford Motor Company. For more information please visit

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Kristin Shaw