The 2019 Houston Auto Show's Roshelle Salinas and Team Launch Havana Nights Public Gala and More

by Kristin Shaw

Eight years ago, Roshelle Salinas’ first day at a Houston-based advertising agency was to attend the Houston Auto Show. Four years later, she had left the agency started working for the Houston Automobile Dealers Association full time as the public relations director.

“I love the variety,” she says. “It’s always something new; I get to learn and be the resource and get to work with phenomenal people. It’s like a little family in itself, and the family-owned dealerships bring you into their circle, too.”

A mother of three, Roshelle has seasons of ebb and flow as the show season develops, and family is important to her. She shared her pride in family and career on the TODAY Parents community page:

“I’m happy with my work/life balance and proud that I’m able to enjoy my career and my children. I don’t feel bad about leaving to go to the office every day, especially when my son says ‘mommy work and me school.’ I’m proud he sees me as a working mother and is already making the correlation that you have to work to earn money to live.”

This year, Roshelle and her team added a new element to the Houston Auto Show: a public preview gala. Proceeds from the Havana Nights-themed party benefit Texas Children’s Hospital. In past years, the preview party was invite only. For the Tuesday, January 22 event, the public is invited to purchase tickets and enjoy everything from professional dancers, cigar rollers, and even two vehicle reveals from Aston Martin and Ram Trucks. A portion of the tickets is tax-deductible as a charitable donation.

What makes the Houston Auto Show different from the rest? Roshelle says it’s partly that Houston is such a driving market.

“The people who come to the auto show are truly consumers and not just auto enthusiasts. People drive a lot in Texas, and it makes the atmosphere a little different.”

A Ride & Drive attraction will feature more than 70 cars to test drive, and the Aftermarket Expo will offer specialty parts of all kinds. The show will also bring back an extensive classic car collection; more than 50 classic vehicles will be on display in the NRG Center lobby and on the show floor.

Houston Auto Show.png

An excerpt from the Houston Auto Show site:

When you buy a ticket for the preview party, Havana Nights, you're benefiting Texas Children’s Hospital and helping kids like Nolan achieve their dreams! Nolan loves to play sports and is a survivor of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Currently in remission at the age of 6, he maintains a healthy life by also staying active with biking around the neighborhood with his brother and riding his four-wheeler! $100 of each $250 ticket is tax-deductible as a charitable donation, so help out a worthy cause while partaking in a lavish night of food, fun, and music.

Join us! Thrills and Wheels will be there.

Kristin Shaw