The 2019 Honda Insight : Back with a Brand New Edition

by Alice Chase

Honda Insight 001.jpg

The Honda Insight is back with a brand new edition for 2019. It seems that the third time is not only the charm but has come forward incredibly charming in many ways. We will share a few of the reasons why we're all in on this model in just a minute. It's important to note that one thing that  wasn't new is the name. Keeping the Insight name with the introduction of this third generation feels intentional.

The 2019 Honda Insight brings the trusted quality you've known from Honda in hybrid that you can easily see yourself in today. For those that have been wondering if hybrid life could be for them, the Honda Insight is the ideal vehicle to transition with. You won't need to prep yourself for a learning curve here. In fact, you'll probably have to keep reminding yourself you are driving a hybrid because it just feels that intuitive. 

There is a good deal that makes you feel good when choosing to drive a hybrid, most certainly the amount you are saving in traditional fuel economy.  Most of us want to make choices that make us feel good and have a positive impact for the world at large. If we're honest, we also don't want to compromise our comfort either. After spending a few days driving the 2019 Honda Insight around Minneapolis, Minnesota I'm happy to report this is one choice where you won't have to choose one over the other.  It's possible you really can have it all. 

All in on the 2019 Honda Insight

In full disclosure, there are three things that will personally favor me toward any vehicle: a uniqueness that still feels classy, luxury and safety features, and being environmentally thoughtful. I get that this is a complex set of standards to achieve. I'll be the first to confess, I really do want it all.  With 55 city/49 hwy/52 combined mpg, the 2019 Insight immediately checked the box of environmental thoughtfulness and fuel efficiency. 

Up next: features. The Insight isn't going pretend it's something it isn't, but the Touring model brings a good number of features I would request, adding larger 17-inch wheels, navigation, a power moonroof, dual-zone climate controls, leather-trimmed and heated power front seats and a large 8-inch HondaLink infotainment system all at an affordable $28,985.

Behind the wheel, I didn't feel like I was sacrificing anything. In addition to features of comfort, you will also find the full range of safety and driver-assistive technology. Honda Sensing is standard on all Insight trims. It fully met my requirement of non-negotiable features at an incredibly reasonable price point. (For full details on the LX/ EX/Touring trim levels and pricing click here)

Honda Insight 005.jpg

Last but not least, uniqueness. If you've been around the hybrid space for awhile, you've come to recognize a hybrid before anyone tells you it's a hybrid. The color, design, nothing is subtle.  The uniqueness factor here is that the Insight is a hybrid that doesn't have anything to prove. With the exception of a hybrid badge blending in nicely to the exterior, anyone else would likely mistake it for a typical sedan. I like to think of it as the Clark Kent version of hybrids, unsuspectingly saving the day with every commute. For these reasons, I'm all in on the 2019 Honda Insight.

2019 Honda Insight Production and Commitment to Electric Vehicles 

Honda Motor Co. is proving that it is invested in America and their commitment to the Honda Electrification Initiative. Honda Motor Co. invested another $29 million into its Ohio operations with mass production of the 2019 Honda Insight hybrid at its Greensburg, Indiana, assembly plant. The Greensburg, Indiana plant alone provides over 2500 associate jobs in America with production of the Insight, Civic Sedan, and the CR-V at this facility. 

The 2019 Honda Insight is part of an ongoing commitment to electric vehicles. It is the fifth electrified Honda model launched in the past 18 months, following the new Clarity Series — Clarity Fuel Cell, Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-In Hybrid — and the just-launched 2019 Accord Hybrid.

The company has set a goal of two-thirds of global sales from electrified vehicles by 2030 and has plans to have electrified powertrains for almost all of its core models in future years. "The investment in Honda Transmission Mfg. of America, Inc. to support the all-new 2019 Honda Insight is an example of Honda’s Electrification Initiative, which will introduce electrified powertrains to virtually all of its core models in the years ahead,” said Tom Shoupe, executive vice president, Honda of America Mfg. Inc.,. “The investment at HTM demonstrates Honda’s confidence in its Ohio associates and its commitment to building electrified vehicles in America.”

Let us know your thoughts and questions on the 2019 Honda Insight. For more stories on what Honda has been doing across the country check out the latest on Thrills and Wheels here